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Dr Pong Leads

++2.12.2016++ Dr.Pong and co.
This is a band that played at dr.pong

Band memeber: philipp stolterfoht



This is a day-care centre in berlin, but they're not called Kindergarten, instead KinderLaden, Laden in German means, Store or Shop Philipp Stolterfoht works there, and look at the background, the symbol:

It's so close to Dr.Pong


Just want to note that Phillip Stolterfoht quoted a poem on his staff section on the kinderladenpage
the poem mentions Trauben (grape) and Erdbeern (strawberry) and Früchte (Fruits)
and on the eventmieter page, I keep seeing locations that are called Zur Trauben or Zur Krone (strangely a lot of them with exactly the same name) maybe it is just coincident but i keep seeing crown and grapes and logos which are made out of three objects that are the same (like three circles, three crowns, three stars, three flowers, three butterflies, three mountains), or symmetrical
maybe in germany people (from smaller circles) may have some different or new symbols:


So i took a look at where they play and found this place: https://www.facebook.com/astraberlin/

Which the comment from @eventmieter.de here, caught my attention https://www.facebook.com/astraberlin/photos/a.146195402084762.21778.123082861062683/773456496025313/?type=1&theater

I see a very strange symbol, again. From then on i looked at the hundreds of locations they posted on their page and found some that are seriously suspicious
-Eventmieter.de- https://www.facebook.com/Backaffe/ on this page they link us to their own homepage

www.Buschmann-Winkelmann.de/ do you see what i see

Then i also found an art gallery in a small town suspicious post from Schützenhof
Galerie, Elisabethfehn>




Owners are Agnes Thiede und Gerhard Pleus, Gerherd appeared in the news

http://www.nwzonline.de/cloppenburg/kultur/einfuehrung-in-die-welt-der-clowns-kunsta6,1,208407563.html he happens to be a clown

http://www.nwzonline.de/cloppenburg/wirtschaft/gemeinde-setzt-auf-netzwerk-fuer-fluechtlingea28,0,1845486743.html has some kind of connection to refugees


and supports local young soccer team, what a kind person

http://www.nwzonline.de/cloppenburg/kultur/schuetzenhof-galerie-schliesst-ihre-tuerena31,1,3676136185.html 22.11.2016 they announce the gallery will be close. surprise!

https://www.facebook.com/abenteuer4ma/?fref=ts another group with strange logo

https://www.facebook.com/Evenburg/ the post with the teddy, strange, but just strange
this place was also posted from eventmieter, their official website shows that they are in the politics and economy circle in that area


Regarding James Alefantis Name:

Someone emailed us this, which I did not know:

As every person of Greek origin can verify, Alefantis is a common Greek name.
All those nonsense stories about his name meaning I Love Kids in French is pure nonsense and all it does is harm the credibility of the research.

I wonder why haven't any American Greeks come out with this information.

The Greek spelling is ΑΛΕΦΑΝΤΗΣ, his first name must be derived from Demetris or Dionysis. I would guess he's second generation.

Keep up the good work !

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