How You Can Help


Thank you for your interest in helping us investigate the bizarre, sickening "pizzagate" scandal. Due to the immense public fascination and obsession of this case, this operation will likely attract a diverse group of people. While we welcome and encourage you to join the cause, we also want you to be aware that you are taking on some of the most powerful, sick, and twisted people on the planet. Therefore, anonymous would like to stress that it is imperative that you practice good operational security!


  • Use at least a paid VPN
  • Use tor, but be wary of compromised exit nodes.
  • Do not send any information over the network that could identify you personally.
  • To mitigate attacks on you by compromised exit nodes, proxy to another anonymous host over tor, using either a tcp vpn, ssh tunnel, or similar. We recommend a chain of seven proxies.
  • DO NOT ever directly connect to this site, or our irc channels from your home or mobile IP! In fact, stop trusting your cellphone! Use a computer, rather than a phone, if you can.
  • Get familiar with Linux. Assume Windows is compromised. Assume OSX is compromised. Actually, assume everything is compromised.

More to come soon.

Gathering Intel

First, a couple rules:

  • Use a Russian shell for all scanning and pwning, because if you disagree with Hillary than you must be Russian. (might as well keep us this charade, works for us!)
  • Clone everything before you ddos it (don't ddos without contacting us, you might be destroying valuable intel)

Right now we are simply gathering intel and recruiting help. Start by looking through the targets, Podesta emails, and searching Twitter for anything useful.

After you find something credible, archive it to ghostbin (use markdown format to make our lives easier), and than drop your link in on our irc channel.

We Need Talented People

If you enjoy writing, journalism, investigating, graphics design, web design, or have computer skills, than we could use you! Find us in #opPizza at or send us an email at [email protected].

Closing Notes

Thanks for your interest. Be safe, and more to come soon. Remember, Opsec First! They will try to dox you. Finally, no hacking yet. We do not want our enemies to start locking down their systems because they a million people are trying to brute their systems. Please contact an IRC operator on our channel before attempting to do anything of the sort.

Good luck.

We Are Anonymous
We Are Legion
We Do Not Forgive
We Certainly Won't Forget This
Expect Us