Independent Investigators Should Know About Rule 41

First, on behalf of the collective, I'd like to thank all of the independent investigators (normal people like you) that are investigating pizzagate. This site has gotten over 18,000 hits in the last day, and that's amazing. It shows that when average people whom often feel powerless against the corrupt establishment unite, great things can be achieved. If you are reading this, than you are part of the resistance, and we thank you for that.

While we cannot yet say for sure whether the allegations behind pizzagate are true, I believe that it's safe to say that there is something fishy going on that deserves an investigation. And that's exactly what is happening. The mainstream media's attempts to discredit and silence the story have backfired, and we are reaching more people every day.

Nearly all of the information that has come out thus far is the result of freedom of information, only possible thanks to an open and free internet that we currently enjoy. However, the open internet is under attack by powerful entities whom are threatened by this kind of freedom.

You have probably heard about all of the online censorship efforts that we are battling with. Censorship is a very real phenomenon that we expect will only get worse. Filter bubbles, censorship, and tailored access content are all just parts of a larger, malicious plan to silence those whom use the internet to raise questions and hold responsible the powers that be.

So what are the methods that the globalist elite use to drown out your voice? Beyond the aforementioned censorship efforts, there is of course mass surveillance. You are undoubtedly aware of the mass surveillance conducted by US and UK authorities through illegal programs that undermine the very fabric of the internet, like PRISM and XkeyScore.

The more tech savvy amongst you probably also know that is possible to defeat this kind of surveillance using tools like Tor and VPNs, which encrypt your traffic and route it elsewhere, making it far more difficult to track you as an individual (assuming your vpns are secure). Of course, you are probably also aware of the current war against encryption, and efforts by the FBI and NSA to undermine encryption technology, leaving us all open to attacks by a variety of actors, state sponsored and criminal alike.

Encryption is what makes the modern internet possible. It's what protects your financial or personal communications from being intercepted by criminals that would like to use that information against you for their own enrichment. Encryption is in fact so effective that governments are now looking for ways to circumvent it altogether. Starting December 1rst, if the FBI cannot break your crypto, they will simply hack you.

Unless we act, in a mere couple days, the FBI will be granted extraordinary powers to obtain warrants to hack into computers around the world. The proposed changes to Rule #41 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure will allow judges to issue warrants to remotely hack into systems for a variety of broadly defined, and vastly interpretable reasons. Some of those reasons include:

  • Somebody choosing to not share location data with applications and services on their phones and computers,
  • If a person's computer becomes part of a botnet, regardless of whether the user is simply a victim of malware and does not know his computer is infected,
  • Simply using a VPN, proxy, or the Tor network would be enough to obtain a warrant.

In other words, for whatever reason they want, considering how broad, and ill defined the rules are. We believe that this would murder what is left of American fourth amendment rights, and US policy directly affects the rest of the world as well. We must raise awareness, and persuade people to get in touch with their congressmen and urge them not to pass this legislation.

More about Rule 41 here: With Rule 41, Little-Known Committee Proposes to Grant New Hacking Powers to the Government.

As per Rule 41, you have no right to privacy from the prying eyes of the government. Your computer and communications become fair game. So why is this of note to independent investigators? The answer should be obvious to you. Because the grounds to obtain a warrant are so vaguely defined, it's quite probable the this new power will be used to silence anyone that seeks to challenge the establishment. Let me break it down for you...

If you've defeated their censorship by using proxies, and if you've defeated their surveillance by using encrypted communications, than you are a threat to the globalist state. Why? Because anything sacred, anything hidden, anything out of big brother's reach will always be a threat to the surveillance state. So their answer to this problem is to simply hack you. How might they accomplish that?

Perhaps by breaking into an offshore datacenter that hosts your private vps, and slipping malware into that system. Perhaps by using some of the zero day vulnerabilities that the NSA denies it hoards. Perhaps by compelling major internet based companies to cooperate and deliver malware to you through a service that you trust. The NSA has done this before, and on a massive scale. It's not so far fetched. In fact, this kind of thing recently happened in the playpen case. All evidence from the illegally hacked computers was declared inadmissible in court. That's why they want this power.

Please take a few minutes to contact your legislators and urge them to do all in their power to oppose this legislation. If you are reading this, than this affects you. We are running out of time.