New Information on PizzaGate

The Evidence continues to Grow

The investigation into Pizza Gate has continued to grow. The evidence has started to pile up due to so many independent researchers looking into this scandal. This post will address some of the new evidence but not all.

New Data Compilation by AusbitBank on Steemit

PizzaGate investigator AusbitBank had his computer hacked and his massive database of evidence on PizzaGate deleted. Since then he has recovered most of it, and made it available, and made backups. You can download this massive database of evidence here:

Researchers Seem to have identified the man in this photo as Michael Quinn or Ian Pope?


If it is Michael Quinn, he is a convicted pedophile:

The case for it being Michael Quinn is made stronger by the fact that in the image a Dan Roberge from Australia is supposed to know the people in the image. Roberge Insta:

Case for it being Ian Pope:

This requires further investigation, also the other people in this image should be identified for investigatory purposes.

Interesting Article by the NY Times on Obama's New Home

As I go through my investigation, I am noticing a common theme. The Washington post and the New York Times were connected to all the people involved in this investigation long before this scandal broke. In another odd coincidence, before this scandal, the New York Times wrote an article about Obama's new home which is two doors down from Podesta's home. In this article it talks about how Podesta throws "pizza parties for the neighborhood kids", pretty interesting considering the recent revelations. Article:

Is there a Connection between PizzaGate and Andrew Breitbart's Death?

It seems there may have been some connection here. The numerous tweets that Andrew Breitbart made before his untimely death hint at a connection, see the compilation here:

Assange Proof of Life?

As Wikileaks is the source of the Podesta Emails that are at the very core of the evidence for this PizzaGate scandal, it should be noted that the founder of Wikileaks has now been potentially missing for 59 days, with no proof of life. All he has to do is open a window and show his face yet hasn't. This brings up the obvious question of what happened to Julian Assange?

The Investigation Continues...