PizzaGate The Open Source Investigation

The Implications of James Alefantis's Connections to DC Journalist's

It has never been more important for the individual to research for themselves. The recent onslaught of hit pieces by main stream news sources such as Snopes and the New York Times calling Pizza Gate a hoax without addressing the massive evidence compiled further buries these fraudulent news sources into irrelevancy. Hence the need for investigative journalists to pick up and investigate the overwhelming amount of evidence, and to present it in a compelling and comprehensive way to the masses.

Every Moment that Passes without an Investigation buys time for a Cover-Up

In any criminal investigation the more time passes the more evidence is lost. The need for serious researchers to join the fight against child pedophilia and pedosadism by members of the inner circle of Government and Mainstream Media members itself is dire. Awareness must at least reach what is known as a "critical mass" roughly 5% of the population, in America about 16-20 Million people.

James Alefantis is highly connected to the Media

This is the definition of the criminals investigating the crime. The media which is highly connected to Alefantis via his publicly available twitter follows, relationship to David Brock and interactions prove he is connected to the mainstream media. So why should we believe the same media that is friends with the accused that their friend is not guilty? We shouldn't we need to investigate ourselves. The more the better.

You can't Shut Down the Investigation with Censor-ship:

Even if they shut down reddit, 4chan and twitter, we will always have alternatives to use to compile information for open source investigations:

See the links to Multiple Open Source Investigations already underway.

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