The Dire Need for Alternatives

PizzaGate is forcing Journalists to seek alternative Social Media Platforms

The more the powers that be tighten their grip, the more people slip through the cracks to other alternative and decentralized platforms. The recent censorship of Anonymous researchers exposing pedophiles on twitter, the crackdown on PizzaGate on reddit, and the removal of PizzaGate information from facebook has forced people to use alternative sites. has gained a massive number of new users since twittergate took place. Steemit has gained a massive number of new users as people are fleeing from Reddit and FedBook, and the Reddit PizzaGate investigation has moved to Voat.

Alternatives is how to win the Information War

The more people we can get to move away from traditional social media and to use alternative media, the more the power is taken away from the traditional gatekeepers known as the Mainstream Media. The Fake News ad hominem argument against alternative sources of information has backfired against the MSM, as more and more people are getting their information from independent sources. They powers that be may be able to shut down freedom of speech on FaceBook, but on the decentralized blockchain on Steemit they have no control, no way to remove the information. That is how we can win the information war, we simply stop using their social media platforms and build and use our own decentralized platforms that the proverbial "they" can't censor. One major project someone needs to undertake is a building a replacement for YouTube. One potential platform being built to do this is called "SteemQ" see this article:

The War for Control

To control the information is to control the population, many studies have shown that people can be socialized based on information to carry out agendas that are detrimental to themselves. One easy example of this is how some Islamic Fundamentalists are able to socialize people to blow themselves up, however these same tactics struggle to find minds open to this idea in Western Countries where the information is harder to control. You can easily see how by controlling information in certain areas you can get people to do almost anything you want. The need to keep information open has never been greater, to ensure people are not being indoctrinated to carry out agendas that are not only detrimental to themselves but everyone else. We are winning the info war, but we mainly use platforms built and run by the very people we are attempting to expose. Thus we hand them control, they can choose what to censor and what not to censor. They also make massive amounts of money from us using their platforms. Just think of all the money YouTube has made from films exposing YouTube censorship? There is over 260K videos on YouTube on the subject. However if we simply just leave their platforms, and use our own, they can't do anything and will have lost completely. We need our own decentralized, non censor-able platforms.

-Titus Frost