Zachary K. Hubbard Targeting PizzaGate Investigators

In the world of Online Shills, there are few as obvious as Zachary K. Hubbard.

The very popular channel "Scariest Movie Ever" is run by a KJ Osborne. He has the most subs of anyone covering the PizzaGate scandal as an independent researcher. His twitter and his youtube channel were hacked into and taken over by what would seem like friends of Zachary K Hubbard. An email I received just now confirms this:

"Hallo. I'm Zachary K Hubbard. First of all, you waste your time with KJ the shill, but you don't watch the best YouTube channel online? I have the best content on YouTube, and the most meaningful information ever. That is the truth. KJ the shill hacked his own account. If I was the hacker or part of this situation I'll be PROUD and I support anyone AGAINST this shill network, which includes KJ, Jeff C and more. People support me by donations, that shows how great I'm. I think the pizzagate is total bullshit and everyone who thinks It's real is shill or really dumb. So I think people like you in alt-right media are not shills and eaven my sister supports Donal Trump, but I'm not brainwashed and I know he is just a puppet like the witch Hillary Clinton. Anyways, the think is that the pedophilia exist but pizzagate is a PSYOP. I don't like disinfo shills like Jeff C, so I kicked his ass in a debate. Everyone respects me, because I'm 100% legit conspiracy realist and I apply my gematria knowledge to help the people. I like to destroy shills like KJ. He was my enemy and always will be. If you missed how I ended the career of the shill "A Call for An Uprising", you should check that video out. I was very talented mathematician at school and I'll always be proud of my skills. Also I'm proud to know very smart hackers. Yeah, so I destroyed both of my enemies. I'm proud that these two ACFAU and KJ were damaged by me. YOU HAVE LAST CHANCE - DELETE ALL YOUR PIZZAGATE stuff, promote my channel, be my friend and everything will be fine. If not, Jeff C will be ........ of this world I know his address in CANADA. I really know his family. If he stops pushing this shit I'll never hurt him in any way. Just want to be friend with Jeff C and you. Also Enterthe5t4rz is interesting guy."

I will NOT delete my videos

I just want to point attention to the fact that this obvious shill is trying to censor the information with empty threats. He has sent this email to Me, Spy Kitten, Press Reset Earth, Jeff C and maybe more. He is targeting anyone who authentically investigates PizzaGate, and he deserves to be 100% outed as cointelpro or a moron, I can't tell which.

Feel free to send him an email to find out which it is or if you wish to send him some fun spam he also has a interest in receiving images for the lulz: [email protected]

His Youtube Channel:

Peace Everyone and the Fight Continues.

-Titus Frost

UpDate: it may be someone else trying to blame Zach Hubbard, I have now asked him directly to address this email I and others have received.